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Part of our "Art Access" name is to have an "open door" for all those who are interested in art, on any level (collectors, artists, advisors, curators, students, critics etc). this Tumblr is dedicated to the many artists who want their work "reviewed" for representation or exhibition consideration. We do not review work, as we currently have a full roster of artists, but if you submit something and we find it interesting, we will post it on our Tumblr.

RULES: Must be a work on paper (we love drawings), or a work created with unusual or craft media and a high degree of workmanship and deisgn. You MUST put the media, size, date of the work and your NAME. You must also caption work "SUBMISSION to GSAA." Must be an image, not just a link.

Keep creating !!!!!
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A ceramics installation in progress by Christopher Wade Adams for the “Material Grid” exhibition also featuring Marietta Hoferer, Tamiko Kawata, Michael Kukla, and Susan Schwalb. Sept 4-Oct 4, 2014. Opening reception on Sept 11, 6-8pm!!! Not to be missed! #christopheradams #mariettahoferer #tamikokawata #michaelkukla #susanschwalb #nyc #art #ceramics #grid #material #garveysimon #chelsea (at Garvey Simon Art Access)

Just a glimpse of our “Fête de la Nature” exhibition in collaboration with Littlejohn Contemporary up until August 23rd. We are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6pm. #garveysimon #littlejohncontemporary #lauriehogin #maryreilly #ruthmarten #davidmorrison #davidkroll #keijishinohara #christopheradams #idelleweber #nyc #art #chelsea


Tamiko Kawata’s “Silver Sphere” made of safety pins, 11” diameter. Stop by the gallery and take peek! Tues-Sat, 10-6pm. #tamikokawata #sphere #art #sculpture #safetypins #nyc #garveysimon #chelseanyc (at Garvey Simon Art Access)



Visual artist Tamiko Kawata discusses the respective roles of Japanese and American culture on her work, some of the major issues confronting contemporary artists, and her site-specific installation for the Kostka Gallery here at MeetFatcory.

Read the full interview here:  

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oil on paper




oil on paper

29,7 21cm


#YaoHai - Music of Nature No.2 134X68CM Ink on paper 2014

Tamiko Kawata’s “Silver Sphere” made of safety pins, 11” diameter. Stop by the gallery and take peek! Tues-Sat, 10-6pm. #tamikokawata #sphere #art #sculpture #safetypins #nyc #garveysimon #chelseanyc (at Garvey Simon Art Access)


Each image in Catherine Nelson’s series, “Future Memories,” is made up of hundreds of photographs of the same landscape. Take a look at some of her work:

Top: “Bourgoyen Early Autumn” (2013)

Bottom: “Danubelillies I” (2013)

Photographs by Catherine Nelson. Courtesy of Julie Saul Gallery, New York.


Happy 170th birthday to Henri Rousseau. This self-taught painter was largely unrecognized during his lifetime and spent his days as a toll and tax collector. Many of his paintings show rich and beautiful jungle scenes, although he never saw a jungle himself—he was inspired by illustrated books and visits to botanical gardens. It just goes to show that you never know who around you might be a great artist, so the next time you see a toll worker, give them an extra smile, because they might just be the next Rousseau!

The Merry Jesters,” 1906, by Henri Rousseau

Barbie’s got a new dream house coming …might be on Elm Street.


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Electric Cloud, 22x28 inches, Acrylic on Paper


Blue Head, charcoal, pastel, ink & graphite, 14 x 10.5 in, 1999

Geoffrey Stein



29 Portraits of Artists with Their Work at the New York Art Fairs

What lovely pics. Haven’t seen photos from an art fair I’ve actually enjoyed in… forever.