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Part of our "Art Access" name is to have an "open door" for all those who are interested in art, on any level (collectors, artists, advisors, curators, students, critics etc). this Tumblr is dedicated to the many artists who want their work "reviewed" for representation or exhibition consideration. We do not review work, as we currently have a full roster of artists, but if you submit something and we find it interesting, we will post it on our Tumblr.

RULES: Must be a work on paper (we love drawings), or a work created with unusual or craft media and a high degree of workmanship and deisgn. You MUST put the media, size, date of the work and your NAME. You must also caption work "SUBMISSION to GSAA." Must be an image, not just a link.

Keep creating !!!!!
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Sunday Steals: 5/26/13.

"Untitled" ceramic by Christopher Adams. Often paired with a certain other squid-like ceramic we posted earlier, this piece is smaller than the first.